• 11 Fun Things to Do in Reno with Teens

    Things to do in Reno with Teens

    Inside: Best things to do in Reno with teens in tow. Traveling is most fun when you are out with your family, but with kids of different ages, it can be a little difficult to find activities that everyone can enjoy. Sometimes things that I like to do on a trip, such as sitting an […]


  • Las Vegas to Zion National Park Day Trip

    Last Vegas to Zion National Park Trip

    Inside: Las Vegas to Zion national park day trip: ideas and tips from our adventure. When planning a trip to Zion, there are so many little things that you need to know. We recently went on a Las Vegas to Zion national park trip and let me tell you, it was lovely. I learned so […]


  • Electric Fireplace Wall DIY To Try

    How to build an Electric fireplace wall DIY style. After putting an electric fireplace into the wall during the renovation of our last house, I decided we definitely needed one in this house as well. Installing an electric fireplace is actually pretty easy to do and give off a fun ambience to the entire room. […]