• Boob Light Replacement In 7 Easy Steps

    Inside: Best boob light replacement ideas: How to remove them and what to replace them with. It’s time to shed light on an important issue: the light. Do you have a boob light in your home? Chances are you do. Boob lights are standard in American homes due to their affordable pricing. But let’s be […]


  • Entry Closet Makeover – Ikea Pax Hack

    entry closet makeover

    Inside: How to update your home with an entry closet makeover using pre-fab Ikea pax pieces to hack something that looks built in. Is your closet boring and disorganized? Keeping a closet organized is complicated, with clothes and shoes jumbled up in one corner and cleaning supplies in another. Disorganized closets make it challenging to […]


  • Exploring The Golden Circle

    Exploring The Golden Circle

    Inside: The ultimate guide to exploring the golden circle A trip to Iceland would not be complete without exploring the Golden Circle. For those of you who are planning your own Iceland trips may be wondering what the heck I am talking about, so let’s get into it. The Golden circle is a popular trail in […]