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  • A Bookshelf In Closet Small Office Solution

    How to build a bookshelf in a closet DIY

    Creating more storage for our at home office space by setting up a bookshelf in closet for built in storage solution with style. When we moved into this house, I knew that I needed to have my office set up in a much smaller room, since I had to let my gorgeous basement that I […]

  • Electric Fireplace Wall DIY To Try

    How to build an Electric fireplace wall DIY style. After putting an electric fireplace into the wall during the renovation of our last house, I decided we definitely needed one in this house as well. Installing an electric fireplace is actually pretty easy to do and give off a fun ambience to the entire room. […]

  • Boob Light Replacement In 7 Easy Steps

    Inside: Best boob light replacement ideas: How to remove them and what to replace them with. It’s time to shed light on an important issue: the light. Do you have a boob light in your home? Chances are you do. Boob lights are standard in American homes due to their affordable pricing. But let’s be […]