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  • Entry Closet Makeover – Ikea Pax Hack

    entry closet makeover

    Inside: How to update your home with an entry closet makeover using pre-fab Ikea pax pieces to hack something that looks built in. Is your closet boring and disorganized? Keeping a closet organized is complicated, with clothes and shoes jumbled up in one corner and cleaning supplies in another. Disorganized closets make it challenging to […]

  • Ikea Hack: Built In Bookshelves Around Window

    Built In Bookshelves Around Window

    Inside: How to DIY built in bookshelves around window DIY projects that take place in your home can seem complicated. But in reality, they can be done efficiently if you have the right guide by your side. One such area of the home that people struggle to revamp and bring to life is their library […]

  • 6 Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom The Perfect Shade of Pink

    Pink Bedroom Decor

    Inside: How to create your perfect room with pink bedroom decor Your bedroom should be your oasis, your personal getaway where you can relax and unwind after a long day at work. It’s important to have the right combination of colors and furniture that helps you achieve this goal, and pink is one of those […]