Create an Easter egg hunt for our teens that they actually enjoy.

Easter can be a challenging holiday to celebrate with teens. They are too old for the simple Easter bunny baskets, but I still want to celebrate in a way that is meaningful and builds tradition as a family.

If you’re in that position as well, I’m excited to tell you about our annual teen Easter egg hunt that we all look forward to every year.

This is hands down my kids favorite thing we do for Easter and the kids really look forward to their coupon egg hunt. One year I tried to skim out a bit and they made it very clear it was a favorite family activity.

Easter Egg Hunt For Teens

To do the hunt, I created this sheet of Easter coupons for teens that are great for hiding inside the eggs. You can easily create your own as I did in the past by just writing notes on simple pieces of paper.

This year, however I decided to step it up a notch and thought I’d share what I created here.

My teenagers are over the small little prizes and I don’t love handing out a bunch of candy, so these coupons are a fun alternative.

Plus they include things like a free coffee, a sleep in morning from school and a movie pick – which are much more exciting to a 14 year old than jelly bean candy would be.

Free Printable easter Egg coupons for teens

Printable Easter egg coupons

Your can snag my free Easter coupon for teens PDF right here to print out for your own egg hunt.

Just print the coupon sheet in color on your home printer, or you can order the prints to be made at your local Staples.

DIY easter eggs Teenagers

Once you print out the sheet, all that’s left to do is to cut out the coupons and stuff your eggs.

The great thing about teens is they tend to sleep later in the morning, so get up early and hide the eggs in the toughest spots you can find. When they find out what’s inside each of them, they’ll happily spend a solid amount of time to find each and every one.

*Pro note: This year I wrote a teens initial and expiration day on the back of each coupon before putting them in the eggs. Last year we had a couple go “missing” and this is a way to ensure siblings don’t end up with coupons that aren’t theirs.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

You can do the actual hunt a few different ways:

  1. You can stuff the coupons in eggs and whoever find which ones gets those coupons
  2. You can print out a sheet of coupons for each kid in the family and put them in a specific color egg. Say your boy finds all the orange ones and the other kid finds the green ones or something like that.
  3. You can have them hide the eggs for their siblings which can be even more fun (and bonus, less work for you)!

Get ready for a new tradition your big kids will never really want to give up. The coupons can change as they get older, but hopefully the magic of a fun tradition will stay the same.

Happy Easter friends!