There’s been so much chatter online lately about the concept of being a #girlboss. Is it empowering? Is it belittling? Are we all called to be bosses? Grab a cup of flamingo coffee and let’s chat about it.

I’ve been blogging now for 7 years. Which seems absolutely crazy and like many bloggers of my time I never anticipated this site getting to where it is today. It was started as a hobby and then turned into a part time gig and then quickly snowballed into the book writing, brand promoting business it is today. I’ve had employees, contributors, virtual assistants and even family jumping in the mix to make it all happen. I’ve been boss, mom, manager, PR director, and to a few larger businesses I’ve even been employee.

In fact, we just launched a new course to teach others to exponentially grow their own blogging income to do the same. See all the details right here.

There have been seasons where we have sped it all up, and seasons where we have slowed way down.

I run a lifestyle business.

When the rubber hits the road the one thing that has stayed consistent for me is that I am the boss of my lifestyle. That matters to me even more than being the boss of my business.

I run a lifestyle business.

This type of business is world’s different than being a girl boss, lean in, start up, hustle forward company.

I first heard this term “lifestyle business” a couple years ago and it was liberating. Defined by Google it means:

A lifestyle business is a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle.

I’m not trying to be the next huge start-up brand. I can all but guarantee you we will never go public. I turn down opportunities to grow in ways that don’t match the particular lifestyle I want to live. It is wonderfully freeing and wildly awesome!

I love my lifestyle business. I love what it provides in both income and flexibility for my family. I adore what I get to do everyday. There is nothing lacking in my need for rest & cuddles over hustle some days.

Hustle is not the almighty prize.

Life is.

And balloons of course. 😉

If you happen to be in the same boat, I feel like you might need a voice. Someone to come alongside you and say – it’s okay to not be going for huge, millions, #girlboss status. It’s okay if you want to run your business your way. Whether it is blogging, selling jewelry, teaching yoga, speaking, writing, who cares – just rock it how you want to rock it.

In many ways we’ve begun to redefine the American dream from a woman empowerment business sense. But the problem is we all need to live our own dreams. Just like you don’t need 2.5 kids, a house and dog to be valuable. YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE 14.5 EMPLOYEES AND A SPARKLING WHITE STUDIO OFFICE TO BE VALUABLE.

Our lifestyle business has looked really different during different seasons of life. But it’s always been based on my values and the lifestyle I want to live. When the kids were smaller it meant I got to stay home with them and I worked a lot during naps and evenings. Now it means I work from 10-3 and stop everything to pick them up from school and enjoy our evenings together.

It means I turn down great paying gigs that require me to travel across the country… because that’s not the lifestyle I want.

It means I don’t keep adding on more, because I value taking summers off and I want to be able to stay home sick when a kid is here sniffling and it would be really hard to do that if 14.5 people depended on me for their salaries.

To some – the lifestyle dream might be the exact opposite of mine, including lots of travel and all night work marathons. The important thing is to know what your lifestyle dream is and then be sure to rock your own dream, not someone else’s.

Instead of determining our worth from how badass and #Girlboss we are, perhaps we need to step back and look at the lifestyle we want to guide what our work should be. Be a #MeBoss instead.

Our businesses should serve us… We should not serve them. Let’s lose the pressure of becoming a #Girlboss and be a #MeBoss instead.

(Photography @Giada Canu/Vera Lair Stocksy United).