Inside: Masters Grad Party Ideas and how to throw the best grad party for advanced degrees this year. Decorations, gifts, snacks, drinks and everything you need for a great party.

April and May bring all of the excitement of the end of another school year, and while so many students are preparing to spend the summer thinking about the next school year ahead, we were thankfully celebrating Matt being done with his Master’s Degree in Education.

I wanted to throw a big party to celebrate, but of course at this stage of education it can be hard to know what’s the best way to celebrate an advanced degree graduate. We opted for a small gathering that was more open house than party, but still filled with fun decor, good drinks and memorable details.

So, if you’re also planning a masters degree party, let’s celebrate hard! If you’re in need of some ideas, here are some of my favorite ideas we used for snacks, decorations, and anything else you’ll need to host a fun great graduation party.

How to throw a masters degree grad party


All of the best parties start with the best decor of course.

Who doesn’t love walking into a house or venue and being awed by all of the decorations and balloons.

Well here are some fun ideas we used for our masters grad party and how to decorate to draw in your guests and make it feel like a party the moment they step in.

Masters graduation parties are a little different– they’re a bit more elevated and classy than that of a high school graduation party, but they’re still fun and celebratory just the same.

Cute grad party decor tassels for bottles

Fun banners, balloons & details

We used this really great banner that says MASTERED IT and colorful balloons to create a fun environment for our party. Plus these adorable bottle topper tassels which everyone loved. You can use them for bottles of wine, waters or sparkling bubbles to pop!

Balloons are some of the most simple yet effective decorations for any party. If you just need a little something extra you can always throw a few balloons around like we did. If you need a cool photo wall getting the lettered balloons is a fun way to make a backdrop that also screams congrats!

There are so many ways to go about decorating, but here are some of my favorite ways to use balloons for this kind of milestone event.

1. Floating
2. Elevated Arch
3. Dr
4. Ceiling Installations
5. The MBA

Three fun signs for a graduate

Fun Signage Sayings

Sometimes the details are all about how you word it, and the fun creativity comes from the small details all around the space.

Whether you’re using these and in a balloon wall, a banner, an invitation, a glow sign… The options are endless but I think all of these ideas are clever and really fun.

We used these fun sayings on Matt’s banner, on a letter board near by and it celebrate him in his gift basket.

1. Mastered It
2. Cheers To The Grad
3. PhDone
4. Worth The Hassle

Make It Meaningful

Like I mentioned before, the best part of walking into a full decorated party is all of the details that you put into it.

It’s the little things like the confetti on the tables we used, cute grad napkins and the flowers that decorate the bar that make it a really special party.

Details for graduation party decor for advanced degrees

Masters Grad Party Ideas For Stations

At most parties you’re not setting up different stations around the place with different ways to honor and encourage the guest of honor. But at grad parties, wedding, baby showers and our NYE pipe cleaner crown craft station this is a thing for sure. Letting people stop to celebrate the grad is why the’ve come after all!

So let’s be creative with this and create an environment that’s a little extra. This is where those really meaningful graduation moments and all other summer party ideas can come to life.

As you’re creating different ways to bless your graduate, have fun with it! And let your mind think of the most fun and different ideas and turn it into a cool station to make the party interesting.

We did a fun party basket tasting for Matt’s grad party which allowed him to enjoy “teaching” all our friends about his favorite drink. We also made sure to include notecards that everyone could write their well wishes on and of course a sweet post about the graduate and all he’s done once the party is through.

Have the most creative masters grad party on the block with some of these ideas I’ve loved and used!

1. Welcome Sign/Guest Book
2. Photo Wall
3. Champagne Wall
4. Photo Book
5. Memories With The Grad

graduation party refreshment ideas

Grad Party Refreshments

The refreshments at any grad party can be just as creative and decorative as the rest of the event. Whether you serve themed food and drinks or just the graduate’s favorites, there’s so many options you can choose from to pick the best food for your party.

Decorate the food tables and pick the colors of your snacks table to fit the theme.

A good party is themed all throughout, so paying attention to details like their school colors, including the mascot or elements for their future work is the way to go when it comes to making every part of the party amazing.


Who doesn’t love finger food at parties? I know I do, and they’re so fun to put together and serve, they’re great for any occasion.

Whether you’re catering or throwing some snacks together to serve to your guests, here are a few different ideas to change it up from the same foods we see consistently at every graduation party. Let’s change it up!

1. Diploma Cookies
2. 7 Layer Dips
3. Use The Year


Cucumber water, lemonade, mimosa bar or go with the grad’s favorite and do a tasting like we did. The possibilities and options are endless.

Here are a few of my favorite Masters grad party ideas  that are in liquid form. 😉 Remember this is the only thing that guests are almost guaranteed to grab a bit of while mingling, so plenty of options for them is always a good idea.

To make the drink bar even more fun try out cute graduation glasses like these ones we used they can be sent home with guests as a party favor afterwards, or kept for your own bar collection to remember this accomplishment.

1. Mimosa Bar
2. Beautifully Garnished Glasses
3. Pink Lemonade
4. Strawberry Water

Gift Ideas to give a masters degree graduate

I hope this party is everything you dreamed it would be, to celebrate yours or someone you love’s hard work and this final advanced degree graduation.

Master’s Graduation Gifts

Don’t forget about the gifts!

We made a fun grad basket that had so much in it for Matt to enjoy. This is a great way to get the guests involved and make gift giving easy for everyone. You can theme the basket to something you know the grad will love or just let guests pick out something to add themselves for a fun collection to celebrate your favorite graduate.

Throwing a master’s degree graduation party shouldn’t be stressful or complicated– there are the basics and then there are the fun elements to add in, and that’s it! It should be smooth sailing focusing on the celebrations ahead and getting excited for the future of the graduate.

As you’re pulling all of the pieces together for this event, don’t forget what it’s all about, and you’re certain to have a blast celebrating well.