Inside: Hosting ideas with Memorial Day party tips. How to host the best party this summer and some of the elements that I had at mine to make yours a huge success.

Throwing a party on a long weekend is the best kind of celebration.

When there’s an extra day off on the calendar, it’s exciting to get to start planning all of the different things I’ll have time to do, especially to welcome in my favorite season…. summer!

Summer is made for parties, family BBQs and easy breezy hang outs with friends.

While a fun time to party, is actually a really important day for our country. Amidst all of the celebrations and pool parties, we really should be taking the time to remember the fallen soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

So I like to keep my Memorial Day parties patriotically themed, not just for the sake of a party theme, but to make sure that we are truly honoring the reality of the holiday.

All that being said, let’s dig into some of my favorite Memorial Day party tips!

Fun friends for a Memorial Day party

Snacks And Serving Ideas

What’s a good party without the best snacks around? And serving during the summer is the best time because there are so many easy serving platters and food ideas that you can throw in there.

When the snacks and foods are really themed or perfectly fit the season and occasion, they become a part of the all too important party details. Cute snack ideas can definitely become a part of the decorations, especially when you go all out on table decor that draws your guests in to the food table. Although there isn’t usually a problem getting people over to where the food is!

Here you’ll find some ideas that I had and executed, and some that are still great ideas that I didn’t get around to this past year, but may even plan to in the future.


Who doesn’t enjoy a gourmet popsicle on a hot summer day? Just about anyone, I’ll tell you. At our Memorial Day party, we had a really good time munching on these popsicles and I think it’s a must have at any summer party. Fruit flavored or creamy flavored, they were easy to make and an immediate winner with my people.

Kids eating popsicles

Themed Fruit Kebabs

The good news about fruit is that all of the best ones are in season in summer, and they’re so colorful, you can use them on theme. How perfect! And they’re oh so refreshing in the heat, they really are the best snack food to use at a Memorial Day party.

Blueberries and strawberries and watermelon and cherries…  All you do it stack and stick them with tons of options for sticking some fruit on kebab skewers and decorating some platters with them.

Patriotic Trail Mix

There aren’t many snacks that taste like sitting in the front yard with your people like a good trail mix. It’s made for outdoor parties!

To make it:

  • Mix up a big bowl of peanuts, raisins, and anything else salty you like in your trail mix
  • For the sweets, get creative and throw in the red, white, and blue chocolate candies and maybe some yogurt covered nuts to make the white pop!

This is another easy one to serve up alongside everything coming off of the grill. It’s sure to be a hit!

Other snacks

A few other snacks that are always a bit hit for us at summer parties:

A dad and daughter with their faces painted

The Details

No party is complete without all of decor and details that make it great. When snapping photos, it’s always nice to have a backdrop that makes them pop! Are you doing a balloon arch or a streamer walkway? Are the tables all decked out with center pieces like flags or colored flowers?

There’s nothing that says you have to be this extra with every party you throw, it’s just my opinion that it makes it more fun to host it this way!

All of the details are what are going to wow your guests, so let’s wow them big.

Photo Booth Props

Choosing your props to have around while snapping photos is key. They can be table decor and center pieces until you’re ready to pose for the camera. You don’t even have to have a photo booth to really have some fun with these either.

Just taking a picture all sitting around the table having a good time, but with some fun props makes the photos pop without looking too posed either. There are tons of great sets of photo booth props, especially in the patriotic theme that we used for our Memorial Day party like these fun glasses I recently bought for this years party.


Having something to pass around for everyone to wear is way too fun, and a must-have at any group party! It’s a fun way to add some themed colors all around and get people in the summer party mood. Leis are too perfect for a party like this, especially if you’re going to be outside by the grill or the pool.

Whether you choose some red, white, and blue ones or some solid colored ones, these are sure to be a hit with your friends and guests as you mix and mingle and throw up some photo booth prop signs with a festive lei. The Dollar Store is my favorite spot for grabbing leis that are quick and affordable to use.

Face Painting

Face painting is a really fun idea for little and big kids alike! My kids had such a blast doing this with their friends our summer kick off party – an easy thing to set up & a total summer party win!

If you want something fun and different that will keep everyone busy, I highly recommend face painting at your Memorial Day party.

Whether you get all of the skin safe paints and do it yourself or if you bring someone in for a larger party, this is going to be a hit with adults and kids alike!

A lady painting little girls faces

It’s a blast thinking of all the little things that really turn a gathering into a party, and this is one of the parties that had some of the most fun ideas.

There’s no magic key to success when it comes to throwing a great celebration, especially on a three day weekend in the summer. I’ve learned that just being ready to create a fun and easy space for people to come and celebrate together is the win, but having a couple easy to pull out Memorial Day party tips always helps along the way.

Not only do I love creating a space for all of my friends and family to come around and spend time together and visit one another, I love to put thought and intention into all of the details of these parties. Many of these ideas can be used for parties all summer long!

From Memorial Day, to the 4th of July and into labor day weekend – I hope your season in the sun is filled with all the friends and fun.

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