Building digital assets from the ground up


A digital media company curating content throughout the web through a well designed, female owned, originally artistic creation approach.

We Create sites that become assets

Building niche sites is like owning rental homes, but way more fun!

Have you ever wanted to own your own properties? You can do it while never having to plunge a rental house toilet by building niche sites online. 

The process is slow to start, but so much fun & like a house, once you have it built it will be there to serve you for years down the road. 

Blog Posts

Blogging about business and sharing tips along the way

Latest Podcasts

My latest thoughts on life and craving off-line relationships.

Online Courses

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Books you need to read

Read the top 3 first!

I joke that all the mistakes I’ve made along the way are just my MBA from real business life. 😉 I’m self taught and these books have brought such great value to my business along the way.

Setting goals

Once you build the bridge - then all you have to do it walk.

Setting goals and building plans to make things happen is my superpower! I love helping other entrepreneurs along with tips and advice on laying out what’s in front. Then we just walk out the strategy and have a drink to celebrate at the end! 



Thinking about an exit?

Your business will never make as much money as it does the day you sell it.

We’ve been through multiple digital business sales and every time I’ve learned something along the way. It’s WILD and crazy process to be sure, but at the end of the day, finding the right answer to, “should I sell now” is what’s most important.

One-On-One coaching

Want to chat? I'm here for you...

I offer VERY limited one-on-one coaching to help other bloggers who are ready to build, scale and sell their businesses. Email me if you’re interested. 

Let's Learn Together

Ready to scale your digital business?

I’m so excited to have this space to share more about our businesses. From creating sites, to scaling them, to planning and eventually selling. I post every week about a step in the process.