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I'm Victoria Hudgins

An old-school blogger at heart. I am the founder of Pink Pop Media, a planning resource for digital business owners & the founding editor of multiple online websites. I have started, grown & sold digital content sites and e-commerce businesses for the past 15 years. I love nothing more than creating content to inspire revelry in everyday life.  


Let's try a little old school blogging

I started this personal blog to pull together all the festive details that I love sharing in one simple place.

A little about me: I am married to a guy who happens to have the SAME EXACT birthday as me – he’s 1/2 an hour older. Which is great, because I like older guys 😉

And we have twin teenagers… So let’s just say that the birthday party magic is high in our life. I’m a born celebrator and I love the color pink (in any shade), so the content you’ll find here tends to lean in the same festive style.

We have moved a total of 17 times in our marriage and I’ve learned a thing or two about how I like my house to look. Interested? See our gutted & renovated festive home and posts about our current house which I’m dubbing the kid home right here

home is where the heart is

This is why I often post about Nevada, because it's a whole lot more than casinos on a strip, see my latest local Reno & Vegas posts here.

Nice to meet you...

Whatever you are interested in, I’m happy you are here and honestly so excited about sharing a piece of life with you.

I am the founder &  creative director of Pink Pop Media where I develop planning resources for digital business owners.

I also own & manage a portfolio of websites myself that are so fun to create content for.

Previously, I was the founding editor of A Subtle Revelry where I shared party ideas, crafts, and food daily. I’ve spent my time designing party events for Alt Summit conferences and fun events like this NYC Blogger Bash along the way.

This new personal site is my attempt to see if the old-school style of blogging, (sharing what I’m excited about without all the CRAZY attached!) might still work. 

I've been mentioned along the way:

Traveling The World

I love taking the party with us wherever we go. See our family trips with teens in parenting posts…

Building a Home

Creating a home filled with colorful decor and cute touches along the way. Check out the home stories…

Parties & Fun

I’m passionate about celebrating the big days & the every day we all enjoy. See more on my party blog…


We have had the fun of collaborating with many companies to bring quotes to life elsewhere. Please email [email protected] for partnership requests.


I also loved getting featured for our fun lifestyle & foodie ideas like this post on Design Mom about how we take our kids in mind when designing our home!

I’ve also been featured in creating these cakes for Kitchn, on the Today Show, with decor ideas in Scout Magazine & cute kid holiday tips with Pottery Barn.

Before all this I planned campus events & camps for college students at the University of Washington while working with the non-profit organization CRU. And even earlier, chaired many fun parties and events as V.P. of the Sigma Kappa chapter at UNLV.


If you’re interested in working with my small, but wonderful team… we have a couple of open positions including content writer and social media editor. See the details and apply here.


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