Hey THere!

I'm Victoria Hudgins

I’m Victoria Hudgins and I’m an old school blogger at heart! After building, scaling and selling multiple blogs & product businesses – I was missing the chance to just create. So here we are, back to the beginning, where I’m excited to be sharing festive inspiration from my travels, home renovations & obviously all the parties along the way.


Let's try a little old school blogging


I am married to a guy who happens to have the SAME EXACT birthday as me – he’s 1/2 an hour older. Plus we have twins… So to say that party magic is popping in our life wouldn’t be a lie. I’m a born celebrator and I love the color pink (in any shade), so the content you’ll find here tends to lean in the same festive style.

We have moved a total of 17 times in our marriage and I’ve learned a thing or two about how I like my house to look. Interested? See our gutted then renovated festive home and posts about our current house which I dub the kid home right here

We are working our way further from home traveling and have ventured to some cool places like Iceland, Scotland and soon coming Crete! Where would you suggest we travel to next? 

But home is where the heart is

Which is why I often post about Nevada, because it's a whole lot more than casinos on a strip, see my latest local posts here.

Nice to meet you...

Whatever you are interested in, I’m happy you are here and honestly so excited about sharing a piece of life with you.

As my day job, I am the founder & editor of Pink Pop Media where I coach women on starting, scaling and selling digital companies. This newest personal site is my attempt to see if the old school style of sharing what I’m excited about, (without all the CRAZY attached!) might still work. 

I've been mentioned along the way:

Traveling The World

Festive living isn’t just for home, we love taking the party with us wherever we go.

Building a Home

Creating a home filled with colorful decor and bringing you along for the ride.

Parties & Fun

I’m passionate about celebrating the big days & the every days we all enjoy.