Hey THere!

I'm Victoria Hudgins

An old-school blogger at heart. I am the founder of Pink Pop Media, a planning resource for digital business owners & the founding editor of multiple online websites. I have started, grown & sold digital content sites and e-commerce businesses for the past 15 years. I love nothing more than creating content to inspire revelry in everyday life.  


Let's try a little old school blogging

I started this personal blog to pull together all the festive details that I love sharing in one simple place.

A little about me: I am married to a guy who happens to have the SAME EXACT birthday as me – he’s 1/2 an hour older. Which is great, because I like older guys 😉

And we have twin teenagers… So let’s just say that the birthday party magic is high in our life. I’m a born celebrator and I love the color pink (in any shade), so the content you’ll find here tends to lean in the same festive style.

We have moved a total of 17 times in our marriage and I’ve learned a thing or two about how I like my house to look. Interested? See our gutted & renovated festive home and posts about our current house which I’m dubbing the kid home right here

home is where the heart is

This is why I often post about Nevada, because it's a whole lot more than casinos on a strip, see my latest local Reno & Vegas posts here.

Nice to meet you...

Whatever you are interested in, I’m happy you are here and honestly so excited about sharing a piece of life with you.

I am the founder &  creative director of Pink Pop Media where I develop planning resources for digital business owners.

I also own & manage a portfolio of websites myself that are so fun to create content for.

This new personal site is my attempt to see if the old-school style of blogging, (sharing what I’m excited about without all the CRAZY attached!) might still work. 

I've been mentioned along the way:

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