• Fantastic End Of School Party Ideas

    end of school party

    Inside: End of school party ideas to celebrate another year in the books! Finishing another school year is plenty of reason to celebrate, I love throwing a party to commemorate the summer arriving! It’s an easy win to kick off summer right. My kids don’t need any help getting into the summer or party mood, […]


  • Fun Father’s Day Ideas For Husbands

    Activities for teens to do with dads on fathers day

    Inside: The perfect fun Father’s Day ideas for husbands. Because sometimes you really have to put in the work for your dad and the father to your own kids when they’re little and also when they’re teenagers on Fathers Day. Honoring the father’s in our lives can be easy to do, but it’s pretty typical […]


  • Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations

    A Las Vegas sign

    Inside: Las Vegas photo shoot locations to get the best images for your next vacation to Las Vegas! Visiting Las Vegas with the family so often means that I get to take every photo opportunity in my home city… And there are tons of great photo shoot locations here! Between stunning nature scapes and cool […]


  • A Modern Take On Outdoor Tile Over Concrete Patio

    Tiles over concrete patio

    Inside: Creating a cute little sitting area by laying tile over concrete patio. When we moved into this current house there was a small slab of concrete of to the side of the house. It is not our main deck or seating area, but a perfect little spot to sit and enjoy the trees and […]


  • Memorial Day Party Tips & Easy Hosting Ideas

    A group of women wearing patriotic leis

    Inside: Hosting ideas with Memorial Day party tips. How to host the best party this summer and some of the elements that I had at mine to make yours a huge success. Throwing a party on a long weekend is the best kind of celebration. When there’s an extra day off on the calendar, it’s […]


  • How To Host A House Concert

    How to host a house concert in my living room

    We hosted a house concert and I’m excited to share all the details with you, plus tips if you’re looking to host a favorite local artist in your home this year. My first house concert experience was in my early 20’s in the Basement of a fraternity house seeing Tyrone Wells, at the University of […]


  • Planning A Girls Trip In 5 Easy Steps

    Planning a girls weekend away trip

    My girls! My besties… The ones that give me all the fun of travel, without the headache of parenting! Planning a girls trip doesn’t have to be difficult and might be exactly what you need right now. I really love a good girls trip & I’m grateful to get to go on at least 1 […]


  • 1/2 Wall Molding Small Bathroom Update

    half wall molding bathroom

    How to hang 1/2 wall molding for a small bathroom update with function and flair. When we moved into this current house it had recently been flipped. This meant that I wasn’t doing big renovations in any of the rooms, but still wanted to add my own personal details and colorful touch. So we decided […]


  • Why You Should Do A Glacier Tour

    Repelling down a glacier cave in iceland

    When we spent a spring week as a family in Iceland, the best thing we did while there hand down was a Glacier Tour! In fact it was part of the reason we went to the country in the time of year we did was to ensure we could do this tour as the close […]


  • 11 Fun Things to Do in Reno with Teens

    Things to do in Reno with Teens

    Inside: Best things to do in Reno with teens in tow. Traveling is most fun when you are out with your family, but with kids of different ages, it can be a little difficult to find activities that everyone can enjoy. Sometimes things that I like to do on a trip, such as sitting an […]


  • Las Vegas to Zion National Park Day Trip

    Last Vegas to Zion National Park Trip

    Inside: Las Vegas to Zion national park day trip: ideas and tips from our adventure. When planning a trip to Zion, there are so many little things that you need to know. We recently went on a Las Vegas to Zion national park trip and let me tell you, it was lovely. I learned so […]


  • Electric Fireplace Wall DIY To Try

    How to build an Electric fireplace wall DIY style. After putting an electric fireplace into the wall during the renovation of our last house, I decided we definitely needed one in this house as well. Installing an electric fireplace is actually pretty easy to do and give off a fun ambience to the entire room. […]


  • Boob Light Replacement In 7 Easy Steps

    Inside: Best boob light replacement ideas: How to remove them and what to replace them with. It’s time to shed light on an important issue: the light. Do you have a boob light in your home? Chances are you do. Boob lights are standard in American homes due to their affordable pricing. But let’s be […]


  • Entry Closet Makeover – Ikea Pax Hack

    entry closet makeover

    Inside: How to update your home with an entry closet makeover using pre-fab Ikea pax pieces to hack something that looks built in. Is your closet boring and disorganized? Keeping a closet organized is complicated, with clothes and shoes jumbled up in one corner and cleaning supplies in another. Disorganized closets make it challenging to […]


  • Exploring The Golden Circle

    Exploring The Golden Circle

    Inside: The ultimate guide to exploring the golden circle A trip to Iceland would not be complete without exploring the Golden Circle. For those of you who are planning your own Iceland trips may be wondering what the heck I am talking about, so let’s get into it. The Golden circle is a popular trail in […]


  • New Years Eve Party For Families, Kids & Teens

    New Years Eve Party For Kids

    We have been hosting a NYE party for maybe 11 years at this point. It started when our kids were so small and tiny that they could barely make it awake until 9pm when we celebrated with the East Coast. This year we said goodnight after 2am. Things have changed… But one thing that doesn’t […]


  • Easy Pipe Cleaner Crowns For Party Crafting Fun

    I think I’ve found the best party craft out there to make any event more fun… pipe cleaner crowns! We made these for our New Years Eve party this year and they were such a hit. Everyone from the 4 year olds to the adults loved making and wearing their crown. This is a really […]


  • How to Paint A Piano the Easy Way

    how to paint a piano

    Inside: How to paint a piano in 6 easy steps If you are sick and tired of your big, old brown piano sucking the charm right out of your living room, then you have come to the right place. Close your eyes and just imagine how amazing your piano will look when you ditch its […]


  • The OG Festive Home Renovation Tour

    Our first HUGE renovation project was not without trial. We revamped and pulled out all the stops to create a home that we both adored. We called it the festive house, because we adored hosting and bringing all the festive cheese to the place – pink fireplace and all!