Home Decor

  • A Modern Take On Outdoor Tile Over Concrete Patio

    Tiles over concrete patio

    Inside: Creating a cute little sitting area by laying tile over concrete patio. When we moved into this current house there was a small slab of concrete of to the side of the house. It is not our main deck or seating area, but a perfect little spot to sit and enjoy the trees and […]

  • DIY Raised Garden Beds With Cedar Fence Planks & A Bench

    DIY wood raised garden beds with cedar plank fence posts

    DIY raised garden beds are a great way to grow your own produce and flowers, without having to worry about the quality of soil or invasive weeds and when I made them with cedar fence planks they were an affordable and easy project. I love when you get a big bang for your DIY buck […]

  • 1/2 Wall Molding Small Bathroom Update

    half wall molding bathroom

    How to hang 1/2 wall molding for a small bathroom update with function and flair. When we moved into this current house it had recently been flipped. This meant that I wasn’t doing big renovations in any of the rooms, but still wanted to add my own personal details and colorful touch. So we decided […]