• Why You Should Do A Glacier Tour

    Repelling down a glacier cave in iceland

    When we spent a spring week as a family in Iceland, the best thing we did while there hand down was a Glacier Tour! In fact it was part of the reason we went to the country in the time of year we did was to ensure we could do this tour as the close […]

  • Exploring The Golden Circle

    Exploring The Golden Circle

    Inside: The ultimate guide to exploring the golden circle A trip to Iceland would not be complete without exploring the Golden Circle. For those of you who are planning your own Iceland trips may be wondering what the heck I am talking about, so let’s get into it. The Golden circle is a popular trail in […]

  • Best Things To Do In Iceland In March – Steal Our Itinerary

    Best Things To Do In Iceland In March

    Inside: Fun things to do in Iceland in March & our family itinerary. When planning a vacation, just going through the list of activities that are offered in the region and picking your favorite ones may not be a smart move. I found this to be so true when planning our family trip to Iceland […]