Inside: The perfect fun Father’s Day ideas for husbands. Because sometimes you really have to put in the work for your dad and the father to your own kids when they’re little and also when they’re teenagers on Fathers Day.

Honoring the father’s in our lives can be easy to do, but it’s pretty typical that we all need some really good ideas to get the good ideas flowing.

Celebrating Father’s Day can look so many ways depending on the kind of guy he is: outdoorsy, sporty, gamer… And maybe he’s all three, but it’s always nice to be able to pinpoint his truly favorite themes and cater the day around that.

If the man you’re celebrating today is your husband, the father of your children, rather than your own father, then you’ve got a fine line to balance here. When the twins were small I had to help them find presents and ideas to celebrate dad with and now that they’re teenagers – I find they love it when I can suggest fun activities and memorable gifts their dad will love.

Plus, at this stage Matt has been a great dad for long enough that he deserves a gift from me, his wife as well!

Fun ideas for fathers day teens and dad

Maybe the kids are young and you need to plan it all out for them, or maybe they’re grown and on their own and you need to gather everyone together with a fun plan for the day where they can all jump in to celebrate their dad.

Either way, you’re a part of the fun and celebrations too, so let’s find some fun Father’s Day ideas for husbands that you can utilize this year.

Planning The Day

Planning the day for your husband may feel like any other holiday which you are meant to celebrate him from your perspective like his birthday or your anniversary. However, this day should be centered around the family, and how the kids can come around and have some bonding time with their dad.

While we would love to send him on his merry way golfing with his friends, while the kids are younger, that may not be his ideal Father’s Day! But there are some really fun ideas of how we’ve celebrated Matt on Father’s Day over the years.

Have you noticed that there are different categories of dads?

  • The sporty dad who’d love nothing more than a game of football with the family
  • The golfing dad, who would be thrilled playing 9 holes with his kids
  • The video game dad, who might like a wild game of Wii to finish his dat
  • The reading dad, who would love to sit out by the fire and read a great book with his people.

There’s a fun activity idea for all of them out there, so here are a few ideas to get your gears turning based on different things that he likes.

Activities for teens to do with dads on fathers day

Plan a Food Tour

If your husband loves food as much as mine does, it can be fun to plan a foodie tour for him to enjoy a few favorite (or new!) spots in town. Have the kids come up with ideas and do it progressive meal style. It will be fun for the whole family and he’ll feel quite celebrated once the meals are through.

Family Sports Time

While you may not want to send him off with his friends to golf as normal, but there are a ton of other options to celebrate him with his favorite sport whatever that is.

From a pick-up basketball game to a family football match, even putt-putt which is always a blast for everyone and can include all of the kiddos at any age.

If there’s a TopGolf or anything similar, a fun driving range and restaurant, this is the perfect spot. Grab some good food, some good vibes, and a healthy competition together.

Axe Throwing

This might be a little niche and more specific to the families with older kids that can be trusted with this interesting little game, but if your man is buff and manly and loves a good competition, this is a great option. We had so much fun when we went as a family! Much like darts but with axes instead, these ranges are popping up everywhere so you might just find one with a fun atmosphere for you and your family.


Video gamer dads may not be able to share their favorite game at home with the whole family, but they might just be able to have fun with everyone at an arcade.

If you can find a local retro inspired arcade with some classic games as well as some new ones it will be a hit for kids and for dad. This is perfect for everyone, and while it’s not the usual games he’s playing in his down time, it’s right up his alley and says that you really know what he enjoys.

Movie Day

This is great for the quality time dad and the niche movie buff dads alike. If your husband doesn’t have a ton of distinct passions in life that pertain to activities like video games, golf, etc – then maybe he just wants some quality time! If he enjoys a certain movie series, this might be the best thing to do. Plan a movie marathon and get all of his favorite snacks. He’s sure to love this one.

Gift ideas for teens to give dad on fathers day

Gift Ideas

For any gifting holiday like Christmas and birthdays and anniversaries, it makes so much sense that “Men’s Gift Guides” are so popular considering that they’re so difficult to shop for. Sometimes you can find something that you know they’ll enjoy but isn’t necessarily high value, which is not the point, but when you want to treat them it can be a little more difficult to find something so personal that they’re going to love and use often.

So here are a few questions and concepts to get the ball rolling on an intentional gift.

  • Has he traveled anywhere recently or in the past that you know he would love some memorabilia of? Maybe snagging a new travel tee or some other souvenir from a travel destination that meant a lot to him could be a great option.
  • Does he love live music? Quality time dads love any excuse to hang out with the family, so if there’s a band he loves that’s touring soon, this is a great gift idea or even a record from his favorite band.
  • On the same concept, would he enjoy a comedy show? Dads with a sense of humor would love to go and hang out at a comedy show. Gift him the tickets on Father’s Day, and the day is a gift that keeps on giving.
  • New book, game, or subscription to a magazine that might interest him. These are all some of the basics, but we’ve lost them in the age of extravagant gifts. But I think these can still be some of the top tier gifts to give to your husband for Father’s Day if they’re right up his alley and know that it’s something he’s interested in instead of a random book he might like.
  • One of the many beautiful things about the internet is the random business ideas that you can find. I’ve found plenty of box sets for gifts, but if you look up men’s gift box sets, you’ll find plenty like this Man Crate that you can order personalized to his interests. And it’s a challenge to open! It doesn’t get more manly than that!

Fathers day ideas to celebrate husband

Gifts and activity ideas can be hard to come by when you’re trying to plan a special day for someone that you love. When a good idea comes to you, you really have to run with it! That’s why I hope that you found everything that you needed to find to celebrate your husband well this Father’s Day, and that you found something that you know he’s going to love.

Here are a few of Matt’s favorite gifts over the years:

There are a hundred ways you plan out for the day and even more things you can gift him, but anything that jumps out at you and reminds you of him is the best way to go with any gift. It’s a beautiful thing to be gifted something that the other person found a little bit of you in.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate this special day, you’re going to have a wonderful time and your husband is going to feel so loved.