Inside: Las Vegas photo shoot locations to get the best images for your next vacation to Las Vegas!

Visiting Las Vegas with the family so often means that I get to take every photo opportunity in my home city… And there are tons of great photo shoot locations here!

Between stunning nature scapes and cool indoor spaces, you won’t be struggling to find somewhere to grab a good photo of your travel buddies, kids or hubby on this trip.

Here are some of mine and my family’s favorite spots that produced some really fun photos to remember our trip to Vegas, and I think you might really enjoy these seeing and shooting at these spots too.

Best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations For Families

Outdoor Sceneries

There are a few more specific outdoor location types like the desert spots and the best sunset viewing locations, but if you’re looking for some fun and simple daytime outdoor locations to get the best pictures of the cool scenes that Las Vegas has to offer here are some I love.

Murals Downtown

Downtown Las Vegas, specifically the arts district has some stunning murals on the sides of walls, buildings, everywhere you can think of, has amazing street art that make for great backdrops of a photo. Find the Flamingo wall, it’s a favorite!

Symphony Park

Not very far at all from the art’s district you’ll find a lot of different spots to take pictures around Symphony Park– there are some really cool art deco buildings I found recently, also palm trees, the actual colorful pipes that are IF famous by now and all of the colors in this area are perfect for your travel memories that don’t scream normal Vegas style.

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is one of the most stunning bodies of water around the area, and who doesn’t love a good lake moment on vacation? We’ve used this lake for the backdrop of many family photos and heading a  little further to Lake Mead you can get photos on a fun boat ride that include Hoover Dam in the backdrop, plus you get the gorgeous desert landscape my hometown is so famous for.

A family photo on lake las Vegas Cruise

The Las Vegas Sign

This one is obvious and doesn’t need much of an explanation. It is iconic and especially if you’re coming to Vegas just once, I’d grab a shot here.

Go find the iconic sign welcoming newcomers to Las Vegas, there is parking right at the sign so it’s an easy stop.

Neon Museum

The neon museum is an incredible space filled with neon signs that make some of the trendiest and coolest photo backdrops.

The opportunities and the creativity is endless here, plus your family will love the experience of hearing the history (you can only go when taking the actual tour) and seeing these old fashion signs restored.

Indoor Locations

Of course there are tons of incredibly interesting venues and spaces to take cool photos to have forever. Instagram museums are everywhere these days, and especially in Vegas there are just some really cool ideas that are brought to life.

These are just a couple of my favorites, but you surely won’t be lacking in options for indoor inspiration. Most hotels have beautiful displays that will inspire your photo skills.

Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart is such a fun & crazy family experience that is party art show, part fun (they have huge slides), and a lot of mystery as well. You’ll end up with great photos and and even more fun family experience.

Rainbow Stairs At Fashion Show Mall

These are simple, but so fun. This is a really fun one for photos of the kids: bright, colorful, and simple. Enjoy!

Family photos in the desert

Las Vegas Photo Locations: Desert

In Las Vegas, you’re surrounded by amazing and beautiful desert scapes and each of them are beautiful spots for you to grab a photo or two with your travel buddies.

Family photos on the dry lake bed in Vegas

Dry Lake Bed, Jean

This is one of my favorite Las Vegas photo shoot locations for a lot of reasons!

We obviously had a great time here, and made sure to snap plenty of photos of the kids goofing off… And the men as well. You’ll love the stunning photos you can get here in the bright desert sun. Go early or late in the day for a less intense look as there is no shade to be found.

Magic Mountains

This art installation of the Seven Magic Mountains is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Bright colors in the middle of the desert are so stunning and are a super fun spot to grab some of your favorite photos.

My family at Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

This is another one that doesn’t need much explanation. Red Rock Canyon is one of the most beautiful nature scapes in the country, and you have to check it out while you’re there in Las Vegas to hike and also to get what will be some of your fav photos. Just be careful of the wind, it can get a little intense in the dessert. Ha!

At Sunset

Las Vegas is known for its most stunning sunset views, and all of the different spots you can go to to view it. Let nature show off and do its thing, and grab an amazing shot of it at one of these amazing places.

Paris Observation Deck

The Paris observation deck is one of the greatest viewing spots of the Las Vegas sunset. The sun sets right in your sight, and you get the photos of the amazing Vegas remake of the Eiffel Tower right there with you.

High Point Overlook at Red Rock Canyon

Back to the Red Rocks, if you’re at the high point overlook, these are some of the best sunset photos you’re going to get of nature with the brilliant sunset. Explore the rest of the canyon during the day, and end the mission with the the overlook as the sunsets over the wonderful city of Las Vegas.

Ls Vegas Strip

On The Strip

The Las Vegas strip. Does it get any more iconic than that?

Of course there are a hundred phenomenal Las Vegas photo shoot locations right here on the strip, but there’s a couple that are obvious must-sees that also produce a great photo of the kids with a cool scene or a wonderful photo with your spouse.

Bellagio Fountain

This is a MUST, if there’s ever been one. This fountain with the lights and the water patterns is an incredibly visually interesting space.

The Venetian

The Venetian hotel is a lovely spot to grab a photo with your partner. It’s beautifully romantic and has really fun gondolas outside on the river and ceiling artwork that continues European culture on the inside.

Enjoying your time while traveling means you need the photos to commemorate. The memories last forever without a good photo, but sometimes when reliving the memories, it’s so fun to go back and look at the pictures that accompany the memory. And who doesn’t love reliving travel memories and telling stories with a photo?

I also love taking photos out at the front of this property as it just feels a little like you’re in a different world.

the Venetian hotel photo opp

Whether you need a new family photo here or some silly photographs of your family, or a good group photo with your best friends, these are some of the best Las Vegas photo shoot locations to snap those pictures you’re going to cherish forever!

As you visit these places, the memories you make are going to be greater than the photos, but they will simply serve as reminders for these moments, so you’re going to love having these on hand.

Tavel memories are all the better with pictures to back them up, and you’ll love these being in your photo books forever. I’ll be sharing more of my favorite Vegas spots soon. Since we grew up here and come back a couple times a year, it really is a fun place to explore and enjoy.

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