• How To Host A House Concert

    How to host a house concert in my living room

    We hosted a house concert and I’m excited to share all the details with you, plus tips if you’re looking to host a favorite local artist in your home this year. My first house concert experience was in my early 20’s in the Basement of a fraternity house seeing Tyrone Wells, at the University of […]

  • What To See In 1 Day In Chicago – Food, Shopping & Fun

    Inside: Spending 1 Day in Chicago what to see, eat and do for a quick trip to the windy city. I spent a fun day in Chicago solo this month and I’m so happy to have had the time to explore such a great city. The food was amazing, and I’m just going to be […]

  • Why You Should Do A Glacier Tour

    Repelling down a glacier cave in iceland

    When we spent a spring week as a family in Iceland, the best thing we did while there hand down was a Glacier Tour! In fact it was part of the reason we went to the country in the time of year we did was to ensure we could do this tour as the close […]